Wessex Anaesthetists in Training (WAIT) Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

On Wednesday 11th October 2017 the WAIT Committee held a very successful meeting at the Holiday Inn Winchester attended by over 90 trainees and consultants from the region. They were drawn by the superb programme which included Dr Liam Brennan, President of the RCoA, Fiona Dalton, CEO of UHSFT and Mr Reza Nouraei, co-author of THRIVE.

The meeting was supported by excellent poster and oral presentations giving the three judges of Dr Ian Taylor, Dr Julie Onslow and Dr Mark Edwards a very difficult task of picking winners. However, the 2nd place poster winner was Aidan Joyce with a poster looking at equipment for the management of the unexpected difficult airway. 1st place went to Ian Sheldrake with a poster describing an audit of patient handover in recovery.

The oral presentations were of an exceptional quality with only 4 marks separating all four speakers. 2nd place was awarded to Jamie Plumb who spoke about Preoperative Optimisation of Anaemia before Surgery with 1st place being awarded to Laura Tompsett who spoke very well about major trauma in the over 65s. Congratulations to all the winners.

The School also gave out awards for best CT and ST. The winners here were Andrew Cumpstey for best CT and Louise Bates for best ST. Well done!

The Committee were pleased that many people were able to join us after the meeting for the drinks reception.

We would like to thank the Holiday Inn for their support, Tim Hanham for his advice, IT and website support and of course our sponsors Kapitex, Wesleyan, Merck, Grunenthal and Pajunk.

If you are interested in organising next year's meeting please get in touch via the website

The WAIT Committee


Committee : Katherine Walker

Committee : Rhys Davies

Committee : Hugh Cutler

Committee : Jessica Lees


8:15 Registration, Tea & Coffee  
8:45 Welcome  
8:50 Anaesthesia in Developing Countries Dr Ollie Ross - Consultant Anaesthetist, SGH
9:40 ECHO in ICU Dr Nigel Chee, ICU Consultant, RBH
10:15 Tea & Coffee, Poster Judging  
10:45 Paediatric OOPT in South Africa Dr Ruth Young - Anaesthetic fellow, GOSH
11:20 Trainee Presentations
12:25 Dr Liam Brennan - President of RCoA, as part of the RCoA's listening events
12:45 Lunch & RCoA listening event with Dr Liam Brennan
13:45 Leadership in Healthcare Fiona Dalton - Chief Executive, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
14:35 Airway Presentation Dr James Dinsmore - Consultant Anaesthetist, QAH
15:15 Tea & Coffee, Poster Judging
15:45 Programme director & Trainee Rep updates Dr Ian Taylor &Dr Rachael Ford
16:00 SPARC update Dr Francesca Riccio - Anaesthetic Trainee, Wessex
16:15 THRIVE Mr Reza Nouraei - Consultant ENT surgeon
17:00 Prizes, follwed by drinks  

Trainee Oral Presentations

Winner - Dr Laura Tompsett, A Eynon, M Baxter
Major Trauma in the Over 65's: Too Little Too Late

Runner Up - Dr Jamie Plumb, I Delroy-Buelles, I Fecher-Jones, J Ricks, J Forrester, J Winter, A Smith, N Goddard, M Wakatsuki
Preoperative Optimisation of Anaemia before Surgery (POAS), A Quality Improvement Initiative

Dr Andrew Cumpstey, C Morkane, H McKenna, A Oldman, M Grocott, D Martin, Pan London Peri-operative Audit and Research Network (PLAN) and South-Coast Peri-operative Audit and Research Collaborative (SPARC)
iOPS -Intra-operative oxygenation in adult patients undergoing surgery in 29 centres across Wessex and London

Dr Andy Nash, N Chee
Liberating ICU Patients from Noradrenaline - A Local Weaning Protocol

Trainee Poster Presentations

Winner - Ian Sheldrake, G Daniel
Audit of Patient Handover in Day Case Recovery

Runner Up - Aidan Joyce, T Clements
An Audit of Availability of Equipment for Management of the Unanticipated Difficult Airway in a UK District General Hospital

Erica Jolly, S Phillips, L Wood
Subclavian Central Line Insertion - A Survey of Wessex Trainees

Thomas Craig, S Mathieu
CANDLE - The Critical Analysis of the Nocturnal Distribution of Light Exposure in Intensive Care

Honor Hinxman, H Peet
Psychological Support and Well-Being of Staff

Jessica Rose, N Jones
Rapid Sequence Induction Teaching for Novice Trainees

Andy Nash, E Wilson
NITA Blood Transfusions - Aiming for an Improvement in Practice

Reza Rahman, R Allen, P Phirom, J Morgan
Analgesia and Sedation for Paediatric Burns in a Remote Medical Clinic in Cambodia

Alice Trimble, S Hughes, L Relton, K Barrio
Obstetric High Dependancy Unit Service Evaluation

Ian Sheldrake, N Jones
Can't Intubate, Can't Oxygenate Survey

Giles Coverdale
Pre-operative Group and Save Audit Loop

Jennifer Goddard, R Ford, J Lee
Audit of Pre-operative Care for Cleft Palate Repair Surgery

Jennifer Goddard
Survey of Current Practice and Knowledge of Peri-operative Management of Diabetes

Hayley Smith, M Taylor
Wessex Final SAQ Writers Club


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