WAIT 2007 : Haven Hotel, Sandbanks, Poole (28th Sept 2007)

SpR 3/4/5 AM Session
Learners will inherit the future... - Mr Peter Lees
The Red Box - Baroness Cumberlege
Contractual issues pertaining to working as a consultant in the NHS - Dr Jos Wace

Newly appointed SpR AM Session
Appraisal, Assessment and RITA Workshop - Dr Spargo & Dr Tim Battcock

Afternoon Session
Trainee presentations (Judges - Dr David Smith, Dr Helen Wise & Dr Dan Dalgleish)
A year in the life of a Dean - Prof Clair du Boulay
The Final Frontier - Dr Kevin Fong


WAIT 2007 : Committee

Justine Middle
Liz Shewry
Juliette Leverment
Rob Swanton