WAIT 2005 : Balmer Lawn Hotel, Location Here, Town (7th October 2005)

Morning Session - Specialist Registrars 3, 4 and 5
NPfIT - Does it fit? - Dr Richard Dunnill
The impact of Independent Sector Treatment Centres on Anaesthetists - Dr Jos Wace
The future of training - the JDC's perspective - Dr Ahmed Elsharkawy

Morning Session - Specialist Registrars 1 and 2
Appraisal and Assessment (RITA) Workshop - Dr Paul Spargo

Afternoon Session - All
Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia - Dr Suzanne Krone
What happened when the bombs went off? - Dr James Down

WAIT 2005 : Committee

Dr James Bromilow
Dr Rob Bruce
Dr Richard Green
Dr James Berrington