Posters & Presentations

Content can be anything that is anaesthetic or intensive care related. Audit projects, research or interesting case reports would be suitable.


Please limit posters to A1 size (594x841mm).

Posters need to be hung up before the first break to allow judging and perusal by the attendees.

A member of the presenting poster team must also attend the meeting.

Oral Presentations

7 minute presentation with 3 minutes for questions.

Powerpoint will be available. It is advisable to also save in the older .PPT format as well as .PPTX in case of difficulties with an older computer on the day.


To be confirmed


Cash prizes, your name on the website and a line for your CV!


Poster & Presentation Submission

Submission for both is via a 250 word abstract.

Trainees will then be shortlisted for an oral or poster presentation.

WAIT 2020 abstract submission is not yet open.

For any queries please use the online form here.